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Interest in Portugal from USA buyers keeps rising

North Americans’ interest in the Portuguese real estate market keeps rising.

Did you know that last year, Americans not only purchased 15% of the residential properties sold to foreigners in Portugal but also invested 1.15 billion euros in commercial properties?

This year, in the first quarter alone, they were responsible for 67% of the investment in the national real estate sector, with their focus being the purchase of a house to live in.

Curious to know why North Americans want a home in Portugal?

North Americans are in love with our small but amazing country, and the quality of life it offers. The possibility of working remotely, the existence of American schools, the tax incentives, and the recent appreciation of the euro against the dollar have made buying a house in Portugal an even easier decision.

Some citizens who sold their properties in the USA and bought a house in Portugal say that they can live well for the rest of their lives with the difference between the sale price and the purchase cost.

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